Pink Irrigation imports the Turbo Cipa irrigation machines directly from Italy. The machines are built to our standard. Turbo Cipa supplies a complete professional line of irrigation machines consisting of:

* Speedy Rain irrigation reels for the garden and small parks.

* Irrigation reels with rotating drum from small to large.

* Irrigation reels with “Sit down” chassis from small to large.

* Reels with built-in motor pump


In addition, Turbo Cipa supplies a wide range of irrigation booms up to a maximum width of 95 meters.

Pink Irrigation also has parts in stock for older Turbo Cipa irrigation reels and we provide technical support


Pink Irrigation also imports Sidermeccanica pumps and motor pump sets.

Sidermeccanica makes very robust high-efficiency pumps in-house that are distinguished by the use of very high-quality materials. They also have an exclusive heat exchange system in combination with a Deutz stage V engine.

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